Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

Starlite Star Bright

Today was a good day.
The Chef, husband to Moonbeam, and father to 18mth old Starlite, called early.
Not the chatty sort he skirted politely around the true reason for his call. He and Moonbeam wanted to go to the movies and needed a babysitter for Starlite,could I do it.
Ummmm..let me think about about it…
Starlite the first grandchild. The fairy child of the wispy dark hair and sparkling blue eyes…and eight teeth.
Starlite truly one of God’s better ideas.
She shines, she glows,she poops her pants and grabs my glasses when given the chance. But we love her so.
Each smile she bestows could not be more precious if a true princess bestowed one upon us.
We went to the park.

There we met up with my daughter Eggs and baby HooHoo.
HooHoo, blue eyed and dark haired, he looks to be channeling Ringo Starr with his mop top.
He is a little treasure and tries hard to please us with appropriate laughter.
He’s 9 mths old.
HooHoo how hard we try to make him happy.
Such a serious little man.
I see my daughter’s relief when he laughs, if he is laughing he must be okay.
His weighty expression lifts briefly.
HooHoo,darling boy already world-weary.
I wish I could take him home and love him forever.
I wish he were mine to take.
I wish Starlite’s kisses would erase some of HooHoo’s sadness.

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  1. Thanks Christian.

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