Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.


durian,the stinky fruit!

my helper in the market, on the phone the whole time!

Their produce are beautiful and the fish department is out of this world.

Be sure to check out their whole “Grande” salmon for under $5.00 a pound.

It’s sushi grade!

Oh baby I love this place.

Washington, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia I believe have this market also called H Mart.

The rest of the country not so sure but for certain you must have Asian supermarkets.

Check Them Out!!!

You might be one of the few white Americans shopping there but that’s in your favor!

What we eat more of the Asian population doesn’t so prices on our favorites are typically lower.
Green beans for .79 cents a pound, watermelon for $1.99 and so on.

But generally their prices rock.

They really need to hire me for PR.

Tonite for dinner.


Will post the results later.

Have a great day WP friends.


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