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After a year of waking up with my right hand numb I finally went ahead and had a hand surgeon correct the carpal tunnel syndrome I have been living with for years.

So what is carpal tunnel syndrome?

It is a compression of a nerve in the carpal space of the wrist charactorized by pain, tingling, weakness or numbness.

Quite the catch-all of fun.

Often it arises as a result of repetitive motion, ie:typing, wrist work of some sort, hand work.
(I am a massage therapist,practicing now more then 20 years)

I had my left hand done last summer with good results so went ahead with the right.

It’s quite a simple procedure not taking more then 20 minutes.
Intravenous sedation is given and once you are asleep the doctor numbs the area and does the work.
I looked at a clock as I was being covered by a friendly nurse in the o.r. and it was 9:15.
Next thing I knew ,and remember I also had a trigger finger release done, I checked another clock and it was 9:50.
Pretty cool.

The precedure itself is as follows.
A tiny incision is made in the wrist and a flexible tube is inserted to cross up into the palm area a tiny scissor emerges and excises the transverse carpal ligament,thus the palm bruising.

The procedure (along with the recovery) is not bad depending on how you do with pain.

The post surgical pain is negligable really but the doctor did send me off with a script for hydrocodone.

It’s the nerve pain across the heel of the hand which can take a few months to completely dissipate that is a little more challenging.
It’s not horrible pain just persistent and uncomfortable.
If I weren’t a massage therapist and needing to lean on my palm it would not be a problem at all.

Last surgery the palm pain was quite intense at this time 5 days post-operative.

Today the pain is really okay so I am hoping this surgery and recovery will go much faster!

At the same time the doctor did the carpal tunnel he also corrected a “trigger finger”.

My middle finger was continually getting stuck to my palm. I was unable to straighten it out.

Trigger finger is caused by a narrowing of the myelin sheath that surrounds the tendon that flexes a finger.
The doctor makes a palm incision and cuts the sheath that the tendon slides through thus freeing it. Voila! Finger now works.

If anyone is considering either of these procedures I would be happy to answer any questions.

If you are in Maryland I have a great doctor to send you to.

Take care WP friends.

Here’s to good health and

Happy New Year and Labor Day!

Comments on: "Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger Surgery:Not Bad at All!" (5)

  1. I have trigger finger on my right hand and also have carpel tunnel in both(mild case) Had 2 shots 1in the palm for the trigger finger. 3 weeks later had one in the wrist. I dont wont no more shots please. The pain ease up in finger but is coming back and locking again. my carpel tunnel is ease up but afraid it will also come back. The jobe I do is pretty ruff on my hands. now Should I have the surgery or what?

  2. Currently I have two trigger fingers on my right hand, which is my dominant hand. One is the ring finger and the other is the thumb. I was also told I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. My question to you is that I want to know if you think it would be wise getting all three done at the same time? I really don’t want to go through two surgeries, for I already have had two trigger fingers operated on within the last two years. My doctor, who is a hand specialist, states he can do all three, but there would be intense swelling. My pain tolerance is pretty high, so I really don’t worry about the pain factor.

    Thanks for your input.


  3. Anonymous said:

    Just had this surgery one week ago today and I feel much better…I had carpal tunnel and trigger thumb done.

  4. carolyn said:

    Hi, I just had Carpal TunnelSurgery along with two Trigger Fingers Surgeries which were my thumb and ring finger. I asked a Doctor what should before I had surgery. I took his advice told me that it would be better that I have all 3 at the same time .I’m recovering from all 3 now I have pain and swelling I know it ‘s not going to be always be like this all time there are brighter days ahead just like better nights ahead achange is going to come so I am encouraged.

  5. Paul Krieger said:

    If you are still hosting this site please let me know and I will ask a question for your answer. Thanks.

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