Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

We are out shopping. The girls need a few skirts and Hoo needs socks and pjs.

It was only when leaving the store that we ran into…shall we say some issues.

Hoo spotted the children’s baby rides and was mesmerized.

Being the pushover Grandmom I am, I forked over the 75 cents for him to go on one.

Do you want to go one the ride Hoo? Mommy's on?

Hoo gets on the ride with his mama

But once the ride started moving. Hoo quickly changed his mind.

Saved by Auntie Rose

But it was time to go home.

“Swing me swing me.”

I's easier to walk when you can swing some of the time.

The long mall walk back to the parking lot.

Hoo decides a rest is in order.

Sometimes you just need to rest when you are walking a long ways.

Hoo sits his little self down to contemplate the meaning of all this, and then makes a surprise break for the snack machines.

We have a runner! We have a runner!

Hoo makes a break for the snack machines.

The best way to travel is with your loved ones and being carried ain't bad.

Hoo was ready to leave.

He had enough of the noise and excitement of shopping.

Like most men, and some women he like his computer and boy-toys.

I like them too. So gmom and Hoo chilled out with repeated viewings of…

  • Lalalala…..lalalala..
  • Elmo's Song! He wrote the music. He wrote the words. That's Elmo's song!!!

    Thie is gmom and Hoo singing along with Elmo till all hours of the night.

    Peace out kids.


    Comments on: "I’m spending My Saturday Night With A Handsome Man!" (1)

    1. Haha the ninja turtle ride looks cool! I like how you used your pictures to really help tell a story, and you’re grandson is very cute! 🙂

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