Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

I should have known something was up when my sweetie Moonbeam daughter in law agreed that I should  take  granddaughter Starlite to Spencer Henry’s Birthday party.

I picked up a reluctant Starlite who is 2 1/2 years old.

“Don’t you want to go to Spencer Henry’s party?”


That was my first clue that this unexpected windfall of semi private time with Starlite was not going to be all that.

Apparently childrens parties are no longer held in said children’s homes. Now they are held in specialized amusement facilities. Complete with Cinderella castles, ball rooms, mini roller coasters and padded walls.

For $25 a head you get use of the gaming area, a party room with balloons, a sign, a completely set up room for the party and a number of numbed out young adults paid to make sure the young party goers don’t crack their tender skulls on any hard surface.

It’s a bargain.  I think.

So Starlite joined the melee and I joined the many parents and younger siblings and various other grandparents standing around in a stupefied group watching the youngsters go mad with excitement all of us thinking the same thing…

No, not what a ridiculous party for a 3 yr.  old.

We  were thinking, whose kid will vomit first

and will we have to clean it up???

I lucked out when Starkite needed a diaper change at cake time. (Thank you God).

I bypassed the changing room which only access was through an impressive gift shop and headed straight for the car.

I changed Starlite there and convinced her what an awesome party that was but  now we were going home.

Having a full social schedule, Starlite was aware of missing cake so we side stepped to a local bakery and bought a cupcake suitably decorated for a birthday.

That satisfied her.

Girl was tired and I was wondering. What’s the dealio with birthday parties and parents today. When my kids were growing up we sent cupcakes to school to share with classmates and that was it.

Maybe I’m behind the times.

What do you do for your kid’s birthday parties?

This is gmom and little Starlite wondering….what’s going on.


Comments on: "What’s up With Toddler Birthday Parties" (12)

  1. It doesn’t have to be this way. My eldest daughter is turning 6 and we’re planning another in the house party. Lunch, cake, ice cream, and running around playing in the house. Kind of play-date style. She gets to invite 3 friends. Last year she got to invite two. My youngest (3) hasn’t gotten to have an invite-the-friends party yet. No reason little kids need that sort of party.

  2. It’s crazy! I live north of Toronto and there seem to be two variations of this. The first is just as you describe it…the full on event at a full service facility for 2-3 hours of complete chaos followed by elaborate loot bags. Here it seems to be in vogue to invite every kid in your class plus cousins, step siblings, neighbours, whomever so you are looking at 20-25 kids on average.

    The other extreme is the in home parties where you have only half your class and there is an activity, craft, something that your child takes home with them in addition to the loot bag that you helped him / her construct. Either way it can be a bit much and the pressure as a mom to conform / compete with this level of party throwing can be a bit much at times!

  3. My ex decided to have a bowling birthday party for my son when he turned five, since that’s one of his favorite things to do. It really was fun, and didnt get too crazy. But yeah, i general I’d rather do it at home or something, except for the cleanup part. But, being a bowling fan, he was excited about the party in general and the fact tat he got his very own bowling pin at the end that all the kids signed.

    I’ll never do a party at Chuck E Cheese or anything though. Bad food, crazy prices, and no way to control the masses. I’d rather rent a bounce house and have one in the backyard. lol

    But It’s good to see the two of you had fun!

    • I disliked it in the extreme and she seemed just as happy to spend time in the car singing to her children music cds.
      I think it was a terrific waste of time and money.
      But the bowling party sounds cool.

  4. Thanks for your feedback on my post yesterday regarding our birthday sledding party, it seems like we are in the same space – simple parties. : )

  5. Having been to many birthday parties like the one you described above, I’m with you. They’re totally painful. While the kids play, the parents and grandparents have to find ways to either look busy or make small talk–neither of which appeal much to me.

    But, I’m as guilty as everyone else. We’re hosting a combined birthday party for both my boys this weekend. Both of their schools have an unwritten policy that if you invite one kid, it’s good form to invite them all–or at least invite all kids of the same gender. There’s no way I can fit all of those boys in my house. Henceforth, the massive birthday party somewhere else.

    • Ugh! It ends up costing a lot of money and it is so unpleasant for the adults who have to remain present. You are such a creative person I am sure you could think of a fun alternative.

  6. Oh how true is this?! We had a party at home last year (4th) and parents commented how lovely it was their kids to do crafts and play traditional party games and the like. We’re hiring out local church hall this year and having disco (but with all the usual games too) as first year at school and I don’t think he’s decided which children he doesn’t like yet.

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