Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

Priorities Escape Me

Mothers and Daughters Part Two


I could not believe it!  He just rammed into the back of my car!

He pulled around me and sped off.  I gunned after him.

Rose riding shotgun saying, “Slow down Mom slow down.!”

“We have to get his license plate, quick find a pen!”

“Please Mom slow down!”

Almost there. He’s just ahead.

I call out the license number to Rose who scribbles it on the back of her hand.

Hit and run. I don’t think so, jerk I’ll get you!

My car trunk is flapping noisily up and down, I pull into a parking lot.

He’s long gone now.

But I got it! I got his license!

I call the police to report the accident and wait.

Rose sits quietly.

How do I explain to the police that I am now almost a full mile from where the accident happened.

I ‘fess up, I chased him. I am not proud.

An ambulance comes. I’m fine, a little sore but fine.

The EMT asks Rose if she wants to get checked over.

She agrees. “You’re okay right?”

“Yea Mom I’m fine.” Okay.

The police run the license in their system and tell me that it is an unregistered plate.

They won’t be able to find him.

But I’m not listening anymore.

Rose is sitting on the bumper of the ambulance.

They are checking her vitals. They are feeling her neck.

I’m getting cold and weak with regret. What have I done.

My baby, my heart, my Rose. The one I always profess is everything to me.

I walk away from the rambling officer.

Rose stands  next to the ambulance,  her arm in a sling,

Eyes searching mine. I walk to her  silent, reach her.

Catch her.

But I don’t know if she is falling into my arms or I am falling into hers.

Comments on: "Priorities Escape Me" (11)

  1. Just stumbled across your blog. Love it. Will certainly be back. Nice writing 🙂

    • Thanks yours is pretty cool!
      Love the teeny tiny trainer.
      How cute is that!
      I subscribed to your blog. Ya gotta love a blog with food pics.

  2. Very awesome and very real. I like how you think!

  3. Powerful piece! I’m so glad you’re safe. I hope Rose is fine and recovering well.

    Hit and run–what a jerk.

  4. This totally made me tear up!

  5. I’m glad you are both ok, it’s too bad that they can’t track down the driver who hit you guys. My dad got rear ended a few days ago(the day before his birthday) while waiting in line at the Costco gas station, and he was just parked! Apparently the guy coming up behind him dropped something in the car and went to pick it up and then rammed into my dad. At least the guy exchanged info with him though. I hope you’re both feeling a little better since the accident and don’t have too much pain!

  6. I think you captured just how traumatic that can be so well. We had an accident four years ago and it was really rattling despite the fact that no one was hurt and that the other car was ticketed. So glad you are both well.

    • It was traumatic! You are right. I still check my rearview everytime I am at that intersection where the accident was.

  7. Very heartfelt and vunerable. Well done.

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