Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

We Played Frisbee

We all went to a local park today.

Kids tossed a frisbee around.

“C’mon Mom play, we’ll teach you…c’mon..”

They wonged the useless disc in wild arcs that most often dived hard in the grass.

I walked the perimeter of the park with Hoo  thinking of the friends so recently lost.

My mind is racing with thoughts and notions.

I’m going to quit my job, I’m going to live on the beach,I have to get out of town…I just have to.

The frisbee  hits at my feet.

I pick it up and easily throw it back-hand.

It flies fast.  Flat. Far. Straight.  Way beyond where the kids are playing.

“Hey Mom! Where did you learn to throw a frisbee like that???”

My mind flashes to a sunny faced boy winging a frisbee,

and I have to  smile.

He taught me this,

With frisbee the lesson is,

Just let it go.


Comments on: "We Played Frisbee" (12)

  1. Sounds like the perfect day!

  2. I love it how the simple things in life can teach us such wonderful lessons about the most complicated things in life. Thanks for posting, this is a great thing to put the day in perspective.

    • It’s been a day “like that” for many many folks. Just have to keep supporting eachother any way we can. Thanks for visiting and come back anytime.

  3. But that’s kind of the hardest part, isn’t it? Just letting things go…

  4. Wow — what a powerful post from a frisbee! I love how you used that object to convey your feelings. And loved this line, “They wonged the useless disc in wild arcs that most often dived hard in the grass.”

  5. I think you are wight.

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