Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

Apple (Lappal) Cake

Something about apples…

They are so…American.

In light of that sentiment and the news of the day.

Shall we tally ho and forth and so on with this ultra-comfort food.

Pass me another piece!!!!!

A Teenage Gourmet published this recipe for apple cake.

I made it today with little granddaughter Starlite, who calls it lappal cake.

It is as delicious as it looks and super easy.

Here is the link to Sammi’s blog where you can get the recipe.

Absolutely, totally worth it.

I made the cake as Sammi suggested with granny smith apples.

I used the full sugar and oil, and no orange zest.

I was working with Starlite’s help so I kept things simple, and moving fast.

Awesome, awesome cake.

Thanks Sammi you rocked this one!

I made the cake in 2 pans so Starlie could take home one to Mommy!

Apple cake served with ice cream.

Here is a bite for you!

Yummy! Thanks Sammi!

This is gmom,

Have a safe weekend.

Peace out.

Comments on: "Apple (Lappal) Cake" (12)

  1. I can smell it!! Oh, I wish I enjoyed baking. You make it look so yummy and easy! Tonight Rob and the boys made chocolate chip cookies. Another American classic. Mmm mmm good!
    Peace to you gmom –
    ~ lenore

    • Oh yum. chocolate chip cookies!!!
      (Rose, Rose turn the oven back on!!!)
      Must have cookies.
      Gonna take a lot of baked goods to tamp down this week.
      Thanks Lenore!

  2. this looks delicious
    Please stop by and say hi.

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE that picture! Little Starlight looks so beautiful and happy to be up at Gmom’s counter.

    I wish that my computer had a magic button so I could just press it and your great pictures would appear in real life, as food, for me to eat.

    • I don’t know if you cook with your kids but ateenagegourmet has some great recipes. The chocolate truffles are very easy and kid friendly to make super super easy!
      This cake took maybe 10 minutes mixing by hand with child’s help. Peeling and cutting up the apples takes the most of that time.
      Have fun. Visit Sammi.

  4. your baby can cook?

    • Well of course if she wants to sleep inside she has to!
      Just kidding! That’s my grandchild. We cook together. Thanks for visiting.

  5. sounds and looks delicious! Thanks for sharing 😀

  6. […] comment led me to New Mind Snack which had a great post about making apple cake. I had never heard of apple cake. But I had apples and plenty of late night ambition. Pretty soon, […]

  7. Looks yummy!

  8. Chocolate with apple. Well alright! Can’t wait to see the recipe. (Heading there now.)

    • Yeah Chocolate, fruit, salt… it just works. You really get the tart/sweet of the apple and the contrast of the syrup, cold ice cream, no dairy very mild flavor against the cake still warm. HMMMMMM. You’re going to love Sammi she is amazing!

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