Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

This is actually two topics in one. I have run away from home. The pressure cooker of some home events drove me to take the sage actions of a friend and skedaddle to higher ground for a breather.

So I write to you from the beachfront. I am watching the waves rolling inexorably into the shore. I am eating bagels and cream cheese with lox, the TV is turned on a rerun of Project Runway, I have a six-pack of beer cooling on ice.

It’s all wrong, but exactly what I need. A  short break from a difficult reality. Hubby didn’t exactly give me his blessing, but I did notice he put the ‘easy-pass’ in my car’ and called to check up on me a few times. All good. This is working for me.

So Rose and I, you know Rose, my 21-year-old? Works full-time and goes to college full-time? My own little overachiever. She and I were discussing things you should try at least once in your life.

We settled on:

Sky diving

Scuba diving

Rock climbing

Bungee jumping

Singing in front of a crowd

Go surfing in Malibu

Visit India

Climb an active volcano

Participate in Burning Man

Now of course we then went on to name a bunch of things we thought we wouldn’t try.

So here is that list too. Be sure to add yours in.

We wouldn’t try cocaine or heroin. One time may be one time too many.

We wouldn’t…

Get a big ‘name tattoo’  on our face.

Run a marathon. (ewwwww)

Join a ‘hold your breath’  under water contest.

Run naked through church.

Read War And Peace. Uh no.

See the Taj Mahal. I seen it in Las Vegas it ain’t all that!

Backpack through the rainforest. No No No.

Learn an indigenous language. I’ll stick to pig-Latin.

Listen to Enya for 5 hours straight. Just shoot me instead.

Give someone directions, even though you have no idea where they are going.

Get drunk and ruin someones special day.

Photocopy your butt. Why do people do that???

Join a self-help group. I actually did that once with my sister and they kicked us out for laughing.

Last but not least, marry someone you met in an online dating site who you have only met one time. Don’t ask! I know someone who did this. What a disaster.

So there you go kids.

What are your ideas. Hmmm?

This is gmom,

at the beach,

watching the waves and wondering,

why do I live in the city????

Peace and I am outa here!

Comments on: "Things You Should Try At Least Once (or not)" (18)

  1. Oh gosh I have to add one thing.
    Paula Dean just said she was bbbq’ing with lip balm!
    No I haven’t even started in on the beer yet!
    That is just messed up!

  2. Giving directions even though you have no idea where they are going sounds like something The Good Greatsby would do, doesn’t it? (smile) He’d blame it on Todd, too.

    Hmm…. not an Enya fan, eh? I can stand some Orinoco Flow. Better her than the Celtic singers. (No offense intended towards any Celtics.)

    The list of what not to do is a good list, as is the list of what to do. My fear of heights would move the Bungee jump to the list of things not to do.

    Enjoy the break – the waves – all of it. ~ Lenore

  3. Great list, hope you get to try all those things out at least once! I’m sure it would be an adventure!

  4. Enjoy your break watching the waves. I always escape to the beach when things get too crazy!

    • Kindred spirit. Something about women and water. We were grown in water, grow our babies in water, and return to water to replenish and soothe our souls. Women go to water. Typically men go to mountains…don’t ask me what that’s all about…a guy thing.

  5. Here is my list of things I’m too whimpy to ever do:

    Sky diving – the high dive at the high school is is high as I’ll get and I WILL scream the whole way down. Yet strangely rollercoasters I will do.

    Scuba diving – NEED OXYGEN. I’m terrified it’ll run out.

    Rock climbing – What’s up with all this height stuff?

    Bungee jumping – I’m convinced I’m too heavy and the cord will break and I will be in that perfect pencil position and sail through the water straight to the bottom of the lake/river/whatever and land on my head. And die.

    Go surfing in Malibu – Why? So I can flip over and break my neck like my mom says I will? I won’t surf in Malibu or anywhere in Ventura County. I’m a Southern California girl. Takes me 20 minutes to get to either place (you are SO jealous right now).

    Visit India – I read a great book about it. Seems too dirty.

    Climb an active volcano – WHAT?

    Participate in Burning Man – Too many people.

    Then end.

    • Oh Kim you are hilarious. Remember I made the list with a 21 year old.
      Sky diving I would try but the instructor might have to pry my nails off of the plane’s exit and push me out. Then I will pee myself before I pass out, crash to earth,and die.

      Scuba diving I would try as long as I could stay near the surface of the water. They allow that,right?

      Rock climbing they have at a local sports center. For $5 you can climb up about 30 feet. I “rock” at it.

      Bungee jumping, Rose’s idea. When I envision that I see neck brace all over it.

      Surfing, I would try if they have you know, a bunny slope.

      I want to visit India. China and I have been planning a trip for 3 years. This was the summer of the trip. I turned 50, she turned 30. Then she went and had a baby. 3 years wasted….She at least could have told me she and her husband were having unprotected sex. I mean I am her mother.

      Climb an active volcano? Yup cause I’m just that stupid.

      Burning Man rocks and you are coming whether you like it or not young lady so find a sitter for that boy.

  6. I’m with Kim, I am too wimpy for most of the things on the list of things TO DO.

    Things I think everyone should do….

    Write a letter to someone who has hurt your terribly. Tear it up.
    Write a letter to some who inspired you greatly. Mail it immediately.
    Spend some time on a boat or ship where you cannot see land for days at a time. It really changes your perspective.
    Travel to a country where you do not speak the language.

    Things I think I won’t do are pretty much the same ones on your list.

    I ran away from home once, too. Packed my son up and just drove till the map turned blue – yep, at the water. There is something extremely restorative about waves, sea breezes, and sunshine. Enjoy.

    • Hey there k8edid,
      Great ideas. But why tear up the letter to someone who has hurt you badly? Is it just a letting go by writing it?
      I think Kim Pagliano (the stalker) would know how to take care of someone who hurt you badly. She would likely suddenly appear on their Facebook page as a friend or leave cryptic messages on their car. Spooky stuff (but harmless).
      Loooove the beach. I’m soaking it all up. Every freakin’ ray and watery spray and it is awe—–sum!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. gmom, I’d write that letter and pour my heart and soul into it and tear it up because damn it, they hurt me badly and they don’t even deserve to know my thoughts.

    I do like Kim’s ways…….Enjoy, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

  8. Love your sense of humor! I’ll have to work on my list and get back later.

  9. Reading your other comments… Your right… It’s mountains for me by choice. Or falling that, a big hill at least. But I love the water too as I was brought up a few miles from the Devonshire (England) coast.

    I hope after your refreshment you can walk straight. And I mean that in all ways it can be read.

    • Thanks. Running guy. Big hill eh? Yup definitely a guy thing.
      Thanks for your kind words and I am ready to face the trials head on.
      Just one more walk on the beach!

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