Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

Down The Rabbit Hole

For all  of you following my blog husband is still away overseas.

Here is what has changed at  home while the man who holds the string of your kite is gone.

Number one: You might accidentally kill one or  2 of your children.

Normally, in the night Bart comes in, he drives ones of the biofuel trucks and comes in at 3 or 4 a.m. I’ll half wake up and hear him kick off his shoes, shuffle into the shower, scrounge around the kitchen and go to bed.

But without husband here, I immediately reach for the gun.

I go up the stairs gun poised, ready to defend against any intruder. It never dawns on me that Cujo is upstairs happily bopping around.

Bart turns and sees me. Without a word he takes the gun out of my hands, removes the clip and tells me to go back to bed before I hurt myself.


Number 2: You might let your guard dog sleep on your husband’s $200 Brooks Brother’s robe, maybe even on the bed.Everyone needs to be special sometimes.

Number 3: You might stop taking showers  often. I mean what’s the point? This goes for changing into nighties as well.

Number 4: You may suddenly realize that a plate of french fries makes a perfectly good dinner, even better while eaten in front of the TV.

Number 5: You may realize that you don’t have to water the “effing lawn everyday, or pick up your dog’s  poop. I mean who made these rules anyway? Poop is’s like compost.

Number 6: Turns out you don’t have to go and check on your neighbor just because it’s 103F outside. Just a big “ole, hope you’re still alive Edna!  Yelled out an open window does just fine.

Number 7: You have the opportunity to go though all husband’s secret guy stuff. Unfortunately this has yielded nothing! Nothing!

I hope this give you some good ideas for the next time your superhero flies off.

This is gmom.

Down the rabbit hole.

peace out.

Comments on: "Down The Rabbit Hole" (7)

  1. One of 7, eh? Well, this here follower searches her subscriptions each and every day, hoping for a post from GMom.

    The man who holds the string to your kite … I like that.
    The Bart story. Scary. Nice that he kept his cool, not seeming to bat an eye at your sleep induced instinct. Good kid.

    The rest of the list… I have a tendency to do that even when my superhero is home. He’ll shout out once and awhile, “I’m here! Um … I’m still here!” when I get too deep in the rabbit hole.

    • Bart, he’s too cool for school and armed to the teeth. People cross the street if they see him coming,
      You are so funny. I’m here!!! Still here!!


  2. Damn you GMom!! Hot Joe was JUST gone this weekend and I knew none of this ahead of time! Okay, I DID let Allie sleep up next to me, maybe with her head on Daddy’s pillow (allegedly) rather than at my feet where she belongs when Daddy is home and we have a queen-sized bed and Allie is medium sized and we have another small dog who I spoon and a cat who strangely has started not only sleeping on my pillow but licking my face in the middle of the night and in my mostly sleeping state I let her because to push her away would mean waking up more and that’s just not going to happen. Where was I? Oh yeah, I didn’t eat French Fries in front of the TV but when Noah and I got home at 9:00 pm we DID have del Taco in the dark on the couches at the coffee table and Hot Joe would have NONE of that were he home. He would have cooked a lovely meal to be eaten at the table at 6:00. Well he didn’t prepare any meals for us so what were we supposed to do?!?! Yes, I can cook, but since it’s his job he should have thought ahead! Also, I have been known to have cereal for lunch when school is in session and Joe is at work and nobody is around to chastise me. Don’t tell Hot Joe. Please.

  3. Cujo is around strickly for protection(allegedly). He’s the biggest wimp. He isn’t even allowed in the bedrooms. Check out his HUGE misdeed on 3 posts back when he was caught sleeping on the job. Asshole.
    Glad to hear Noah is back safe and sound.
    Cereal is good eatin” I think of it as cold soup like gezpacho.Just crunchier and hopefully with a prize.
    Tonite I’m thinking of going whole hog for dinner and just getting drunk as a skunk and scaring the neighbors. Don’t want them to think no one’s home. Don’t worry Bart kept the clip.
    Love gmom

  4. Awseome post! I like your style!

  5. Hi my name is Aislinn and I wanted to know if your “Down The Rabbit Hole” word art was your own or if you got it from someplace else. I would like to use it on my blog but I would also like to give credit where it is due. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks.

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