Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

Everyone likes to get a good gift. A gift that demonstrates that the giver really thought about what the the receiver would like.

Women are typically good gift givers. Men not so much.

So I’m doing you guys a favor and spelling it out for you.

Newsflash!  Flowers are not a gift. They are a thoughtful gesture or an accompaniment to a heartfelt apology.

Roses go really well with, for instance,… “I borrowed your car,

left the tank on empty and didn’t tell you.

I am fully accountable for you being late for your meeting.”

Newsflash!  Unless the girl is a teenager don’t give candy. Almost all women are watching their figures and don’t appreciate the sabotage.

It’s a classic blunder.

If we want chocolate we’ll buy it for ourselves.

Good Gifts:

1. Diamond stud earrings. Guys don’t try and get creative with all the pretty colored stone  jewelry out there.

The classic diamond stud can be had pretty inexpensively. Just one word of warning don’t buy the size for infants unless your wife is a dwarf, then it might be okay, I’ll check.

2. Gift Certificate to a spa. Most women will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Showing your love by giving her some pampering is going to win you big brownie points.  Most guys think their gal wants to spend her special day with him.  I don’t know why guys think this.

3. Gift Certificate to her favorite shoe or clothing store. Don’t risk buying what you “think” she would like and worse yet, guess her “size”. That’s a night on the couch for sure. And don’t buy sexy lingerie guys, it’s so self-serving.

4. Short on time or inspiration? Buy a Kindle and a beautiful card with a return gift receipt. She will love it. Unless she is blind and only reads braille. Then you screwed up.

Bad Gifts. Very very bad.


1. Membership to a gym. (Can you spell divorce court?)

2.Gift Card to Home Depot.

3. An Appliance.  Unless it’s something she specifiacally asked for, found the one she wanted and taped a reminder to your shaving mirror.

4.A home cooked dinner. No explanation needed right?

5. A mop. Thanks to Silverado for this one. Inspired.

Guys I just want to say, your welcome.

I know you needed this information.

Gmom is here to help. I’m just like that. I’m a helper person.

Now, what was the best and worst gift that you have received?

This is gmom the helper person,

peace out.

Comments on: "Good Gifts (and bad) For Wives : Husbands You Can Take Notes On This" (12)

  1. Hot Joe got me a massage for Mother’s Day last year. I had never ever had one before. AMAZING. Sure I was super sore the next day but during the massage I was a happy happy girl. This year for my birthday he filled the bathroom with tea lights and a new yummy candle and drew me a beautiful bath with a glass of wine and a book next to the tub. I love that guy.

  2. Haha nice list gmom! I agree that flowers aren’t really a gift by themselves.

  3. A trip to Paris was a pretty nice gift…:-)

    I have to disagree about the appliance thing….early on in our (11 yr) relationship, he bought me a toaster and two new air conditioners. I was on a super tight budget at the time and was not able to get them for myself, so I really appreciated them, especially since I work at home and my apartment gets really hot in the summer.


    And you are absolutely right! If the woman wants an appliance she should have it. Unless it’s a garbage disposal. You have heard about the woman using the garbage disposal to of bad husband’ know…private part.

  5. My Dad, famous for having us wrap his Christmas gifts, said he would wrap Mum’s gift himself. (I know, big of him, right?) Well, Christmas morning, as we sat around the tree ready to open gifts, my Dad handed my Mom his present. An electric cord was hanging out of the box. We all assumed he struggled with the wrapping and did horrible with the choice of gift. However, when my Mom opened the box, she found jewelry inside. I don’t remember the kind of jewelry she received – because the way my Dad presented it was the best ever. We all had a great laugh.

    Meanwhile, I wish Rob would fork out the dough for a massage/spa day…. we don’t do gifts, though.

  6. Your Dad was one clever guy that Christmas!!!!

    You do take the occasional weekend off though right? And Rob watches the guys? Get thyself to a spa!!!
    Often hotels have in house massage services where they will come to your room. Just something to think about for your next escape.

  7. lovely gifts. my mom once told my dad she wanted a pretty jumper for her birthday. he bought her one with a skiier on. not what she had in mind!!

  8. Grief is there any hope for any of us?!

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