Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

Children Grow Up


Can Hoo get more awesome?

Three years old already.

Where does the time go.

The Chef, The Professor and Bart the biofuel guy.3 of my children.

The Chef, The Professor and Bart the biofuel guy.
3 of my children.

Now the big boys.

Yesterday they were kicking each others legos over and fighting like crazy midgets.

Now Chef is a daddy. Professor is soon to be a daddy and Bart is getting married come summer 2013.

Whew it was a long haul with those three plus the girls.

I don’t miss those years.

But being a grandma is quite precious.

I am grateful for every crayoned sticky wrinkled work of art Hoo presents and I hang it proudly on the refrigerator door.

This is gmom,

peace out

Comments on: "Children Grow Up" (4)

  1. LaRhonda Smith. said:

    Your grand kids are cute. My grand daughter is my first grand child. I’ve never been a grand ma before. You’re right being a grandma is very precious.

  2. Happy birthday, Hoo! And congrats to Daddy, soon-to-be Daddy, and soon-to-be Husband. Good to ‘see’ you GMom. Hope you and the family are well.

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    Check out my recipe for Spaghetti with Ground Turkey.

  4. I love this. Your boys are so beautiful. My boys are now 10, 13, 16 and I still have all of their artwork on the walls. I know they grow up and I am so proud of who they have become but I am selfishly sad because I want to tuck them in and read a nighttime story.

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