Here on the frontier, There are falling leaves, Although my neighbors are all barbarions…And you? You are a thousand miles away. There are always two cups on my table.

About My Blog: The Baltimore Mom,I Am You

Come one come all.
Join in old friends and new.
Trash talk and home spun ethics.
Children and
a bunch of twentysomething teenagers.

including Cujo the dog,
and Maybe the puggle.

Grandbabies Starlite and Hoo,
and baby Lili.

Life on fastforward
In Baltimore.

Massage therapy
is what I do,
Biofuels is our family business.

Join in.
Don’t be shy.
I’ve been waiting for you.
Let’s make some fun happen.


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Comments on: "About My Blog: The Baltimore Mom,I Am You" (17)

  1. The black pitbull was our dog Munchies (RIP).
    You can read about her in the post, titled “Cujo the dog”

    The red dog is our pup Cujo.

    The puggle is Maybe,
    China’s dog.

  2. Your family certainly looks like a happy group! Cujo is sweet. We need a dog…

  3. Beautiful and happy family!!! Happy Hunnukah!!!

  4. Gmomj,

    You were kind enough to earlier this month comment on my post 8 Tips To Surviving A Dysfunctional Family During The Holidays. I just wanted to circle back and see how your holidays went.


  5. I love this song!

    And the pictures in the slideshow are very cute, by the way. Thanks for liking my post and I’m looking forward to reading some of your posts! πŸ™‚


  6. Great blog page and blogs. thanks again for subscribing to my blog. Mal (from Australia)

  7. So you’re in Baltimore? I’m in MD as well. It’s always fun to read a blog by someone local!

  8. Love your family nicknames πŸ™‚ My favorite is Hoo, followed by Starlite, and the dog Maybe πŸ˜€ So fun names, but most of all, love the simplicity of your blog’s look and your name Gmomj β™₯

  9. Thanks. My favorite is Hoo-Bear too! The name and the child. Thanks for joining our readership. It’s a blog/support group. Hold on for the ride Yor!

  10. Anonymous said:

    Thanks for the carpel tunnel/TF insights. Scheduled for carpel tunnel surgery in a few weeks but now the TF (both thumbs) is acting up in the surgery scheduled hand. Plan to talk to the hand specialist to see if he can do both surgeries in the dominant and most painful hand at the same time.

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  12. Happy Thanksgiving “G”! I’m so happy I met you online! I was searching for corn bread recipes, I had the corn, but not the cornmeal. I made your cornbread yesterday and today it is gone. Everybody loved it! A friend had passed away yesterday and his favorite guilty pleasure was cornbread. I had a sudden urge to make it. Two other friends came over to eat it. We talked about him and how he would have like it. I want to thank you for your great website, delicious, easy recipes and kind words! Health, Happiness & Prosperity to you, your family and all your loved ones!

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