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My Brother Climbs Trees

Tree Climbing

Image by tonyhall via Flickr

Jeff climbs so high up into the tree of our backyard I can barely see him.

When I was growing up we had an enormous tree in our backyard.

A glorious climbing tree. Perfect for kids to climb with big sturdy branches flared close enough together to make easy footholds and steps up to good heights.

But my brother Jeff was ridiculous. Our house was a full 3 stories and he would climb past the roof where I would watch him from my perch on the third floor fire escape.

“Jeff, Jeff you’re so high!!”

I don’t recall his ever answering, probably intent on getting ever higher in the tree.

I was content to climb to maybe 15 feet up where a few branches made a neat and comfortable seat where I could see all the neighboring yards and hear my mother’s putterings from the kitchen window.

But my brothers and especially Jeff he was a climber par excellance.

Going up up up to that point where a sister,

who looks up to a brother,

can see how awesome he really is.


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