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Kate Gosselin The Worst Mother In America

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What a relief Bravo has been since
the Gosselins have been tossed.
I just don’t get it.
Makesme question us,

God help us.

What a trainwreck.

Maybe if they called
the show,
“The Destruction of
a Family.”

Then it would be honest,
at least.

You know like the addict show.
or Shark Week.

Kate G. would fit right in there.
I would watch her without the kids,
on Shark Week.

But to watch those
poor kids,
and bickering parents.
and to know,
so much worse is happening,
off air.

Everytime I hear that
little twin girl screaming,
I am hearing,
Won’t some sane person help me?????

No dear,
Not in America,
where your pain,
is our entertainment.

Go Kate Go.

So you know what’s going to happen,
in 15…20 years.
Kate and her ilk will long be forgotton.

What we will be hearing about is,
what happened to those,
child reality stars.

The Dano Platos of tomorrow.


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