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Hey, Hey I wanna Be A Rockstar! Baby You Are!

Hoo is on the computer……again.

Staring intently at the screen.

Typing two handed.

Wearing his shades.

Doesn’t want Grandma to read what he wrote.

It’s a secret.

A new blog post, a tell all, an SOS sent out to the  world.

Traitor. Teeny tiny traitor.


Hoo you little rockstar!


The Work Is Dirty The Pay Is Clean

I was in line at the bank standing behind an old friend.

My husband had hired her 25-year-old son to work in our company.

Because of the family friendship he was loath to fire the young man who was consistently late for work or didn’t show up at all.

She and I greeted each other with smiles and hugs.

She mentioned her son found the work hours too long and the work itself too menial, he would rather work in the office, “He is still so young. The work, you know, it’s so dirty.” She concluded.

It is dirty work, sucking oil out from drums behind restaurants in the dead of night. It’s dirty hard work with a big stinking truck that makes a lot of noise. So there.

I just looked at her and smiled  remembering years earlier when her husband had to leave town for a job, unable to find anything local. I remembered her saying he would take a job doing anything.

Any job at all.

I wondered if she remembered.

My Brother Climbs Trees

Tree Climbing

Image by tonyhall via Flickr

Jeff climbs so high up into the tree of our backyard I can barely see him.

When I was growing up we had an enormous tree in our backyard.

A glorious climbing tree. Perfect for kids to climb with big sturdy branches flared close enough together to make easy footholds and steps up to good heights.

But my brother Jeff was ridiculous. Our house was a full 3 stories and he would climb past the roof where I would watch him from my perch on the third floor fire escape.

“Jeff, Jeff you’re so high!!”

I don’t recall his ever answering, probably intent on getting ever higher in the tree.

I was content to climb to maybe 15 feet up where a few branches made a neat and comfortable seat where I could see all the neighboring yards and hear my mother’s putterings from the kitchen window.

But my brothers and especially Jeff he was a climber par excellance.

Going up up up to that point where a sister,

who looks up to a brother,

can see how awesome he really is.

Priorities Escape Me

Mothers and Daughters Part Two


I could not believe it!  He just rammed into the back of my car!

He pulled around me and sped off.  I gunned after him.

Rose riding shotgun saying, “Slow down Mom slow down.!”

“We have to get his license plate, quick find a pen!”

“Please Mom slow down!”

Almost there. He’s just ahead.

I call out the license number to Rose who scribbles it on the back of her hand.

Hit and run. I don’t think so, jerk I’ll get you!

My car trunk is flapping noisily up and down, I pull into a parking lot.

He’s long gone now.

But I got it! I got his license!

I call the police to report the accident and wait.

Rose sits quietly.

How do I explain to the police that I am now almost a full mile from where the accident happened.

I ‘fess up, I chased him. I am not proud.

An ambulance comes. I’m fine, a little sore but fine.

The EMT asks Rose if she wants to get checked over.

She agrees. “You’re okay right?”

“Yea Mom I’m fine.” Okay.

The police run the license in their system and tell me that it is an unregistered plate.

They won’t be able to find him.

But I’m not listening anymore.

Rose is sitting on the bumper of the ambulance.

They are checking her vitals. They are feeling her neck.

I’m getting cold and weak with regret. What have I done.

My baby, my heart, my Rose. The one I always profess is everything to me.

I walk away from the rambling officer.

Rose stands  next to the ambulance,  her arm in a sling,

Eyes searching mine. I walk to her  silent, reach her.

Catch her.

But I don’t know if she is falling into my arms or I am falling into hers.

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