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Assaulted In Baltimore(True Story,Got me out of jury duty)

The Scene of the Crime.

Just home from work,
a quick grocery stop,
Parked right in front
of my own house.
I never saw him coming.

My car trunk open he came at me,
I backed away.
He gave me a fast 2 handed push to the pavement,
“Give me your keys bitch!”

They were right in my pocket.
But I blanked.
“I don’t have them”
I cried,
I crabbed crawled away from him as he advanced on me.
He gave me another hard shove that sent
my glasses flying and my head to the ground.

“Give me your keys!”
“I don’t have them!”
Then he was sitting on my chest,
and pulled back to pistol whip me
across my head.

Where did that gun come from?

I saw him pull back,
He was heavy,
Heavier then any of my kids,
or my husband.

I screamed as loud as I could.

The next thing I can remember is lying flat on the quiet street and looking up.

The weight on my chest was gone.

I carefully got up feeling around for my broken glasses,
checking myself for injuries.
My hands cut and bloody,
My wrists..something wrong…

The street was so quiet.
Like it never happened.

I reached into my pocket for my phone,
felt my car keys,
found the phone and called 911.

The police came shortly after.
Later that night I read the police report.

Woman knocked down by African American male,
nothing was taken.


p.s. the police never did find the guy.
So I walked around scared for months.
Scared and mad.

But this being Baltimore,
Well justice is justice.
When my son’s car plate was picked up in an area where
kids were setting off some fireworks a while back,
we spent a few thousand dollars in lawyer costs
defending him.

He was never there.
He was at a friend’s wedding,
and when he couldn’t find parking,
he parked across the street in a a school parking lot.

At the wedding there were some 200 people,
many of whom saw and spoke to my son.

But you know a rich neighborhood gots ta hav it’s quiet.
The police were all over that one.

Go after an innocent 17 year old boy,
let the criminals run free.


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