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It’s 90 Degrees in Baltimore

Miami Beach, Florida

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5 a.m. I wake before my alarm.
Make a quick trip to the bathroom,
Cujo on my heels,
Why am I up?

An elderly woman came into the spa,
Where I work,
86 years old,
and she said,

“No one cares about me anymore.”

Sad! I thought.

When she requested,
a very early morning app.
I said yes,

I drive to work at 7.
It must be 70 degrees already.
The buses are picking
up the schoolchildren,

The punks must just be getting to bed,
Baltimore seems like most,
cities in America,
in the haze of early morning.

At the spa,
it takes me 20 minutes
to set up my room

The AC is blasting.

I run a space heater,
for this elderly person.
Even warm the table she will lie on.

In a little lamp,
I burn a few drops,
of eucalyptus oil,
she will like that.

People like the familiar.
Scents and things.

I review her chart.
Her medical conditions.
Her childrens names.
Where she lives.

I want her to know I care.
That she matters.
That her life and all it’s details,

It’s 8:05,
The room is ready,
I double check the bathroom,
for cleanliness,
I fold some towels.

It’s 8:15,
The receptionist calls
the client.
No answer.
Maybe she is en route.

I sit down to read,
for 15 more minutes.

At 8:30,
I turn the lights out in my room,
my next client isn’t until 1 p.m.
I open a window to clear the scent
of eucalyptus.

It’s humid outside,
It’s pushing 75 degrees.
The spa owner
asks me,
“Why are you running a heater in this heat??
Are you crazy?”

That would be a yes.

It’s going up to 90 today.
I am so tired.
I couldn’t sleep last night.
I can’t believe I got up so early,
for a no-show.

I leave the spa,
I have somewhere else to go.

I drive to a Seven Eleven,
and comfort myself with an expensive
pint of ice cream,
that I eat in the hot car,
and wait until 1 p.m.

Thinking and feeling like,

no one cares about me.


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