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Fun Teaching Letters To A Toddler

Quite easy (sort of).

Fan out the lettered tiles in front of your 2 year old.

Point out letter “A ” and repeat frantically “A A A A…”

Encourage 2-year-old to find the same letter while dangling a blue ice pop over his head.

Give lots of praise when child inadvertently gets letter correct.

Show lots of patience when 2-year-old throws tiles into the air,

puts tiles into nose and down his shirt.

Continue until child’s nap time or until you reconsider sending child to pre-pre-pre-K.


Have fun.

Be ready for alternate creative play preferably including feet.

By the way, I’m the Grandmom.

The mom in the picture is my daughter now in nursing school.

She turned out alright even though the raising of her was

not so much a loving mom and child but more like a hostage situation.

This is gmom.

Living the dream.

Peace out.

Lenore Diane: A Perfect Stranger

For Lenore….

For no reason, no reason at all, someone did a kindness.

They took a bit of time out of their hectic busy life and did a kindness for someone they don’t even know. I am the recipient of that kindness. Honestly, I am touched and more than a little amazed. It changed my day. I walked around feeling like a sparkly bit of magic had suddenly colored my crapulous  day.

I get so caught up in the whirlwind of my family life that I ignore  anything outside of it. The telephone calls, the knock at the door and anyone who I believe not a priority. It all gets thoughtlessly delegated to the circular file in the corner.

But not today. Today when the phone rang with the call from the person who rants on and on about their difficult life I picked up the line and listened as she got it all out.



Today I finally met a commitment that had seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen. Coordinating a visit with some kittens for a friend who is home bound with advanced breast cancer. The owner of said kittens was not returning my calls!!! Imagine! I went to her house (with a fresh loaf of home-made bread) and banged on her door, and when she didn’t answer I banged louder and waited. Eventually she opened up. Just me, hi. Can I bring Debbie to see your kittens?

She couldn’t have been nicer after that and was very sweet even leaving the door open when I returned with  Debbie.

That was a wake up call.

Today I was driving home from work. The car in front of me took a turn way too fast and swerved in to oncoming traffic. He over-corrected back into his lane and jumped the curb over the sidewalk and straight thru a 6 foot fence hitting several trees planted along the fence! Loud crash! I jumped out of my car and yanked open the driver’s door. The driver was trying to unbuckle an elderly man in the passenger seat. They were both coughing and disoriented from the crash and the fumes from the airbag deployment. The front of the car was pushed towards the front seat and although the men weren’t crushed the elderly one was stuck with the dashboard near his chest.

The younger man got out of the car and I got in. I took the elderly man’s hand.

Hello my name is gmom and help is almost here. I’m going to stay with you until they get here. Are you okay sir? Are you in any pain? What’s your name?

“Joe” he said “I can’t get out.”

That’s right you can’t. But you will soon. You are doing fine Joe.

“No, I can’t get out”  He waves a hand towards his wet pants. Got it.

Oh that’s perfectly normal sir, happens all the time. Don’t you worry.

The firemen pulled the car out of the tangle of the trees and fence freeing up the passenger side. An EMT was at the driver’s door with a neck brace.

I’m going now Joe, this nice EMT is going to take good care of you. Now you take care! I scooted out of the car.

  I walked past several police cars and firetrucks and equipment on the ground. At first I couldn’t even see where I left my van. An EMT started to guide me to an ambulance.

I wasn’t in the accident. I was keeping the old man company until you got here.

“Oh, okay” They opened up a space and let me pull my van out.

When I got home I remembered the small kindness that a stranger had done for me earlier that very day.

Because of that small kindness,

I answered the phone for someone who needed to vent.

I showed up for a friend in need, who just needed a few minutes of normal.

And I sat in a smoking wreck with an elderly stranger and held his hand.

I wanted to be,

if only for today,

the perfect stranger.

This is gmom,

peace out.

We Played Frisbee

We all went to a local park today.

Kids tossed a frisbee around.

“C’mon Mom play, we’ll teach you…c’mon..”

They wonged the useless disc in wild arcs that most often dived hard in the grass.

I walked the perimeter of the park with Hoo  thinking of the friends so recently lost.

My mind is racing with thoughts and notions.

I’m going to quit my job, I’m going to live on the beach,I have to get out of town…I just have to.

The frisbee  hits at my feet.

I pick it up and easily throw it back-hand.

It flies fast.  Flat. Far. Straight.  Way beyond where the kids are playing.

“Hey Mom! Where did you learn to throw a frisbee like that???”

My mind flashes to a sunny faced boy winging a frisbee,

and I have to  smile.

He taught me this,

With frisbee the lesson is,

Just let it go.

Best Birthday Gift For Middle Class And White (me)

Anything from Anthropologie. It is the middle class woman’s cheap imitation of a French thrift store.

I especially like the authentic rust covered lawn furniture holding handcrafted soaps and lots of “whatnot”.   I want a whatnot now!  I totally could sell Anthropologie my lawn furniture for their store displays.                   

Tres chic! Can they pick it up before bulk trash gets here???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

A bottle of single-malt scotch. Because I am too old for beer, it gives me gas.  I’m too snobby for cheap alcohol and I want to have something in the house that my old man won’t snicker at.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Organic Bath products made by someone named Holly. Because Holly would make the best most pricey organic stuff. Like soaps with tiny bits of grass and twigs. I love that. Holly Organics would tie a raffia bow around all her mass-produced …organics.  A charity associated with Holly Organics would be an added bonus.    See what you can do.                                                                                                                                    Maybe just a pint of  Ben and Jerry’s instead.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • A copy of the DVD White Chicks. Because it will get this white chick laughing seeing the Coen Brothers  doing dead on imitations of  white girls.
  • Teva shoes. Well made, imported from the middle east and so avant-garde.   They are the go to shoe for yoga class, bootcamp and the weekly psychiatric session.    One wants to make the right impression.

There that should get you started.

Get moving kids my birthday is Tuesday.

Oh and please no more Godiva chocolate (my relative’s default gift setting) or spa treatments (I work in a spa remember?)

This is gmom,

peace out.

Happy Birthday to me!

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