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You Are Beautiful

Rose and Moonbeam

Did something different,
and totally cool,
last night.

Went to “interview”
for another,
additional job,
teaching little kids

It was awesome.

Little teeny kids.

5 years old
to 11, I guess.
tumbling around.

Walking the balance beam.


Bouncy tiny girls.
With bouncy tiny bodies,
and perfect faces.
That you can tell,
they are just going to be,
good at everything,
and they were,
I high fived them,
after great cartwheels,
on the beam.

Then the girl.
Who was all,
elbows and knees.
Even her hair,
couldn’t stay in it’s

But I know bodies.

And I can teach.

And I know how to find the strength
where there
is weakness.

(I started to hear Christina Aquilara
in my head,
“You are Beautful”).

Point your toes.
Stretch your leg.
Chin up.

And the child was beautful.
and did a round off
off the end of the

You are awesome,
I said as I hugged
You are totally awesome.

And she was.


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