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Takeru Kobayashi disrupts July 4th for New Yorkers (video)

Takeru Kobayashi was arrested yesterday. The hot dog eating champ, whatever that means,was barred from the competition for contract dispute but showed up anyway and jumped onstage wearing a “Free Kobi” t-shirt.
He is currently being held awaiting an interpreter.
Welcome to America,where disorderly conduct is not tolerated.
Especially in big crowds, and in NY no less.
Who does he think he is???
These days you just don’t know who is packing.
Thats Baltimorese for carrying and concealing.
If you want to play in our backyard you have to play nicely.
That’s how we do things.
Now all of us.
Every tax paying American gets to share in the cost of housing and feeding this ridiculous whippet until he is released.
The time the NYPD spent wrestling him away from the innocent crowd well, we are are paying their well deserved salaries too.
America land of the free and home of the brave…and how stupid are we to allow this to go on.
I say off to JFK with you Kobi.
You don’t get no Nathan hot dog here.
Back to your own homeland where you can disrupt your own people and be a big shot stuffing your face.
Byebye Kobi-san.


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