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The Chef Makes Moroccan Chicken(Recipe Included).

Oh but the boy,
can cook.

I would have taken off,
the fish heads meself.
But he likes,
shock value.

Rainbow trout,
Braised in wine,
fresh vegies,

I was watching Starlite,
last week.

He came in from work,
carrying pans of food.

Whatever is leftover,
from the cafeteria service,
at the school,
where he cooks,
he brings home.

I pick it up,
and take it to,
the firestation,
for the firemen.

Who know me now,
and don’t holler at me,
to move my car,
from in front of the bay,
while I carry in the food.

Usually soup of some sort.
Broccoli cream,

Rice with chicken.
Spaghetti with meatballs.

Chicken patties with,
sweet potatoe fries.

And last week…
Morrocan chicken over couscous.

Tender chicken pieces braised on
the stove in
a sauce of
chopped tomatoes,
and cinnaman,

When the chicken is almost done,
add a couple of tablespoons of honey.

Fast and easy and soooooo good!

Follow package directions for couscous.
You can substitute any pasta or grain.

I know the fireguys loved that one!

Hope you do too!
Have a great Sunday.

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