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Don’t Make Me Call Donald Trump!

If the white house news reports and the subsequent  inconsistencies regarding the raid on Osama Bin Laden‘s compound haven’t caught your attention then maybe you’ve just been too busy with your own life to follow it.

I’m going to link you here to The Roycroft Report which is not fully comprehensive but does offer a nice even handed overview from a swell guy.

Here’s my take.

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Did anyone wonder why it took a “carnival barker” like Donald Trump to make enough noise to finally get the president to choke up a birth certificate?

I laughed at Trump. I am not laughing anymore.

I’m thinking maybe Trump who, oh yeah, lives a whole lot more comfortable then gmom, might know something I don’t.


So we don’t get to see pictures of the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan  cause it might be inflammatory to Muslim extremists.

What about us?

All the raid news information is coming straight from the white house. They are the sole source.

They have the pictures and the sound reel and still can’t get the story straight?

This does not make sense.

Where is Donald Trump when you need him.

Does it take a carnival barker to get us the answers we have a right to?

May God keep you safe.

This is gmom,

peace out.

Osama Bin Laden/Smile For The Camera

US-President Obama.

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I generally don’t write any political post but today I must.

My daughter was living in New York City on 9/11. She saw first hand the devastation.

I remember calling her that morning over and over and not being able to reach her.

My baby was okay.

So many were not.

Today, we are told that the master mind of those attacks has been killed by Navy Seal American forces.

He was shot in the head and dropped in the ocean.

How convenient.

Did our president think we who survived 9/11 might not want to see the proof of the kill???

We are Americans! We hang our hunts on the wall. We measure them!

The worst terrorist in existence and we don’t merit to see him dead????

He killed over 3000 Americans!

One Polaroid maybe?

The president said there were pictures.

I want to see them.

They dumped his body in the ocean? Well okay then. No possibility of pictures after that is there.

Somewhere it said there was DNA evidence it was him.

Where are “they” getting DNA from and comparing it to what DNA?

He was never in jail.

But somewhere we had the DNA of someone we couldn’t catch. He had  only been seen on Al Jazeera news reels but had never been imprisoned in the United States.

How do we know that after being chased through the hills for years Osama, in crappy health, he went to his family, people who are tremendously wealthy, and had the remainder of his life secured in peace with a buy off, and  a promise to never show his face again? To never speak out in public again?

No pictures? Why? Cause he not dead maybe?

Too much smoke and mirrors here.

It’s just too glaring an omission.

But in the end…does it matter anyway…. if it wasn’t him then it wasn’t.

If it was, there will be another to take his place.

May God have mercy on us and keep us safe from evil.

This is gmom.

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