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Baby Boy Hoo Falls Down The Stairs (“Hallelujah” Jeff Buckley)


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We had a Father’s Day Party.

All the kids came,
and spouses.

Born and unborn.
14 of us.

Baby boy Hoo,
11 months,
everyone was watching him,
and no one was watching him.

Everyone talking and laughing,
and eating.

Suddenly The Professor yells out,
“Hoo fell down the stairs!”

Down the basement stairs,
a long concrete staircase to the basement,
15 stairs to a concrete floor.

Everyone ran,
I saw my baby grandchild lying at the bottom on his stomach not moving.

The professor scooped him up and together we ripped his clothes off
and checked his breathing,
his eyes,
his limbs,
feeling for rising bumps along his head,
checked his mouth for teeth knocked out.

His mother, Eggs,
screaming in the background,
Is he okay!? Is he okay!?

Hoo was crying,
we handed him off to her.

I looked at The Professor,
my son soon off to medical school,
“Amazing”, he said,
“He doesn’t have a mark on him.”

I answered him,
“It’s a miracle.”


The Chef’s First Word’s Were, “No You Shut Up.”

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The only reason I have any to no interest in football is because the Chef is a raving Ravens fan.
I even have pics of my little granddaughter (henceforth to be known as Starlite,daughter of the Chef) sitting on Flacco‘s lap….kind of creepy actually.

You see the Chef cooks for a high falutin’ summer camp in Frederick where the founders and or supporters (meaning those with fat wallets) invited the Ravens to lunch one day.
Thus, they know him, he knows them, and Starlite has sat upon their respective knees.
Meaning the Ravens who came to lunch.

Anyway, I am waiting for the start of the game so I can enjoy the company of some good friends and family.

How the Chef turned out so well is a mystery that the world will probably never solve.

His first words were, “No you shut up!”

Raising him was one long “Fear Factor” stunt.
I shudder to remember.

He was a tough kid.
The one who you dread in the supermarket because somehow,somehow…that brat’s irresponsible mother let him get away with the shopping cart and he is riding it down the aisle laughing hysterically,with his head thrown back, and he is headed straight for you!

Don’t judge the mom too harshly,
squirrels are so hard to control.

I was saved by boarding school when he turned 13 and I realized one of us had to go.

There were 5 others to raise.

A school was willing to take him.
I cried tears of anguish and relief at the airport,
then went to Dunkin’ Donuts.

There the truth is out.

Today he is still a force to be reckoned with.

But somehow through the grace of God,Moonbeam fell in love with him, together they have produced Starlite. Now but a toddler but still the apple of her Daddy’s eye.

Those tough kids can turn into the most remarkable adults.
OMG! How can this be the same person.
No one has to prove to me there is a God,
I see it everyday when I see the Chef,
he is a miracle.

How is it I am so in love with that child!

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