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My Sister:Getting Out Of Town


I had just graduated high school.

I was spending an  inordinate amount of time weeping in the office of a compassionate guidance counselor. At 17 I couldn’t see my way out of the city I grew up in.

I would start college in a few weeks,  and nothing would change.

“I have to go to college, I have to support myself or I’ll never get out of here!” I wept.

He suddenly sat down and quietly spoke to me, as though he were about to share a secret.

“You can go now, you should go now.”

“I can??? But how??”

I didn’t know how.

Late that night after everyone was asleep and the house was dark and silent, I took the phone into the bathroom stretching the curly cord and squeezing the door shut on it.

I dialed my sister who was in school overseas.

“Please be there…please be there….”

A foreign voice answered. I asked for my sister. She came on the line. I immediately broke down in sobs, “Please can I come stay with you.”

“Of course! Yes!”

Not only was my sister willing for me to come to her she flew back to the states and took me with her.

I promised my parents I would be back in a year and go to school.

I packed everything that had any meaning to me in 2 suitcases.

I had $400 after paying for the airline ticket.

My sister held my hand in the cab to the airport.

The sun was shining.

I stopped crying then and there.

I turned to my sister, “I’m never going back.”

She hugged me. The sun was so bright. I couldn’t remember it ever shining so brightly as it did that day… and the sky was huge.

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