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Fifty Is The Best Birthday Ever!!!! I’m Going To Do It Every Year!!!


If I knew 50 was going to be so great. I would have turned 50 last year. I am totally doing it again next year!

No seriously, I am!

First gift?

A dishwasher!!!!!

My great kids bought me a dishwasher!!!!!

That might seem lame to some but just ask daughter Eggs, mother to Hoo.  She jumps to wash the dishes after dinner cause she knows how much I hate it.

China,  who is so exhausted taking care of new baby Li. She will be pulling on the sink gloves insisting she likes to do the dishes. Yeah and I like root canal.

Maybe they got the dishwasher for themselves….hmmmmm.  Naw it’s for me.

Ta Dah!!!! Dishwasher rocks! Thanks kids!


Husband gave me yellow roses which I think symbolize jealousy. He always gets them because when I was delivering my first baby  there was a picture of yellow roses on the delivery room wall.  I used it as a focal point. Good times, good times.

Now he thinks they are the  flower power rose.

He also gave me a chocolate bar.

Thanks hubby.

He also did  give me the awesome kids so that covers a lot of gift giving.

Now my younger sista gave me a handbag made of seat belts. She is all about the off beat. The bag is kinda cool and should fetch a nice price on Ebay. Thanks sis!

Now middle sista gave me jewels!!!

Pretty earrings small and dangly and an evil eye keeper away-er bracelet.

I’m actually wearing them now, but here’s a picture of the bracelet!  Thanks sis!

Now my big sis sent me a gift card to… guessed it…..every white middle class woman’s favorite fake french thrift store Anthropologie. Wooohooo!

I’m getting a whatnot! I’m getting a whatnot!

It’s awesome! Thanks big sis.

Then to make the best day ever even better China and her hubby Silver treated me to

Cirque De Soleil. It was a blast. Why the big fat man sitting right next to me had to get up and switch his seat just cus I was waving to  the performers I do not understand. It was a circus!

I was the one who should have changed seats seeing as he had to pass gas before the show started and I was not going to spend my evening smelling other people’s flatulence. I (kindly, I think) mentioned to him that the port o’ potties were just outside the bigtop.  Anyhoo, he moved, and I had plenty of room to wave my arm off.

The show was “Totem” and although not historically accurate (American Indians did not roller-skate) was a great performance.

Thanks to China and Silver for a perfect ending to a great day. Here’s me and China at Cirq.

So thanks to everyone for all the happy birthday wishes.

Thanks for all the fun.

Thanks for remembering me.

This is gmom.

Peace out.

My Sister:Getting Out Of Town


I had just graduated high school.

I was spending an  inordinate amount of time weeping in the office of a compassionate guidance counselor. At 17 I couldn’t see my way out of the city I grew up in.

I would start college in a few weeks,  and nothing would change.

“I have to go to college, I have to support myself or I’ll never get out of here!” I wept.

He suddenly sat down and quietly spoke to me, as though he were about to share a secret.

“You can go now, you should go now.”

“I can??? But how??”

I didn’t know how.

Late that night after everyone was asleep and the house was dark and silent, I took the phone into the bathroom stretching the curly cord and squeezing the door shut on it.

I dialed my sister who was in school overseas.

“Please be there…please be there….”

A foreign voice answered. I asked for my sister. She came on the line. I immediately broke down in sobs, “Please can I come stay with you.”

“Of course! Yes!”

Not only was my sister willing for me to come to her she flew back to the states and took me with her.

I promised my parents I would be back in a year and go to school.

I packed everything that had any meaning to me in 2 suitcases.

I had $400 after paying for the airline ticket.

My sister held my hand in the cab to the airport.

The sun was shining.

I stopped crying then and there.

I turned to my sister, “I’m never going back.”

She hugged me. The sun was so bright. I couldn’t remember it ever shining so brightly as it did that day… and the sky was huge.

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