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Watermelon Mango Lime Bars From A Teenage Gourmet

I am eating it as I type early Friday morning.

One of the best desserts ever.

The trick to our table arrangments is simplicity. Edit is the word!

link to teenage gourmet watermelon lime bars.

“A Teenage Gourmet” created this awesome recipe so all the credit goes to that young genius. Be sure to visit her blog. It’s young people like her that give me hope for America. We will eat well in the future.

The only change I made in the recipe was to put a layer of pureed mango on the watermelon layer and that was because a friend came by with a case of ripe mangoes to share. So there you go.

The dessert is cool and refreshing and looks gorgeous.
The textures contrast nicely.
I like to let it sit briefly and not serve it right away, to let the watermelon slush a bit.
I served it straight away to my 20 month old granddaughter yesterday and when she tried to dig in with her spoon her slice flew off her dish. Too icy!
But once it’s sits a few minutes it has staying power.

I am going to be eating this all weekend it is that good.

20 coming for dinner tonite, family and friends.
No biggie.

Probably won’t have time to blog.
But I will be thinking about you and thanking “A Teenage Gourmet” for her great dessert”.

Girl you rock!!

As always,

I remain,

gmom and Cujo


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